SCBWI's Fall Philly Conference

I never hated this injury more than I did today. I struggled to find comfort in my banquet chair. Comfort never came for a few reasons.

Had a manuscript review first thing. I silently and respectfully disagreed with most of what the reviewer said. I won't bore you with the nitty gritty. I crutched back to my table to catch the opening speaker, illustrator/picture book author, Lee Harper and his editor. It was -- oh, I was having trouble concentrating on his lovely family of dogs in a snowstorm illustrations, because my ankle was throbbing and so was my ego.

Next came the author of Dairy Queen, Catherine Gilbert Murdock. She was honest and funny; I paid attention, sort of. One thing I learned from her talk is that it helps to be sisters with the chick who wrote Eat, Pray, Love because it can get you a BIG agent and a BIG deal.

I sense bitterness in my typing. I choose to blame it on my injury.

Now, her book is great. Her book is really great. But, the crazy thing is, I think my books are really great too. I sense frustration bubbling up. Must. Squash. Down.

Moving on.

I crutched my way out to the lobby, bought a few Bailey Kids books for my third grader, and listened to Debbie Dadey share her journey towards publication. Fascinating. Great. So happy for her. (I really am)

Then I called my husband and said, "I'm done here. Please come get me."

He did.

I left.

I came home and made a new book trailer for my new book, EVERYTHING'S NOT LOST.

In your stupid face, Frustration and Bitterness!

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