We all have them. Firsts are just a part of life. Even plants have firsts. The first time they sprouted. The first time they felt sun. The first time they were pruned.

If you follow my blog you know I have some time on my hands, and time = thinking. I started to think about some of my firsts. The obvious ones pushed to the front of the line and occupied some of my thinking. First kiss with a red headed boy in my driveway in 8th grade. First public vomit in Sister Katherine's 5th grade (first and last, thank god. It was Campbell's Chunky Sirloin Soup. All over my math test. Yah, ick.) First car accident in my baby blue Pontiac T-1000 hatchback and it wasn't my fault. All the people in McDonald's told me so.

Some more sentimental and sweet moments crept in line. First time I laid eyes on my husband. He sheepishly walked past my dorm room and my cousin/roommate shouted, "Hey! Who are you? Get in here!" He did. I liked him immediately. And I told all of my friends not to like him, because I was going to make him my boyfriend. They all obeyed. Turned out he liked me back. We've been together 22.5 years and counting.

First time I held each of my boys. If you're a parent you know the magical moment that is. Perfection and happiness and holy-crap-I'm-in-charge-of-this-creature'ness and the purest love on the planet. Two freakishly fabulous firsts.

First time I sent a query letter out. I'll take you back in time. Waaaayyyyy back. I ditched my home state of PA, packed up and went on an adventure. I lived in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Year, 1994. I wrote my very first children's book called Theodora's Dream. Apparently I had my own personal renaissance down there because I wrote two more books, started painting, making crafts and flower arranging. If only they were real flowers. Ahhh, the 90's and the height of the silk flower's popularity.

I'm in a sharing mood today, lucky you. So, here are two golden nuggets for your entertainment. My very first query written by a 25 year old me. I didn't know anything about anything back then.

And of course, my very first rejection. But, let me brag a bit. I got a request, from the VP of Harper Collins. And yeah, I know, I got a rejection from that same VP.

Aww, heck, my letter is funny, request or not. Enjoy.

And, it's a no...

I'd love to hear about your favorite first. Share away in your comments...

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