The Top 5 Things I Learned at the Amy Garvey Book Signing

Amy Garvey and Joanne Fritz

Last night I attended a book signing for Amy Garvey's COLD KISS at the Chester County Book and Music Company. Here are the top five things I learned from this FUN event:

1. COLD KISS is Amy Garvey's twelfth published book, but her YA debut. She's written romance novels, ghostwritten books in a popular MG series, and penned a whole other series. In other words, she's a true writing professional! She also happens to be one of the most genuine people, and I like genuine people.

2. Whenever you plan to see Frankie Diane Mallis, and it's cold outside, please remember to bring a warm jacket, because you will stand in multiple parking lots for loooong periods of time, talking and laughing, laughing and talking.

3. YA writers are, hands down, the most supportive group of human beings. Proof? Ilene Wong, Christine Danek and Frankie Diane Mallis also showed up to support Amy and her book. And Joanne Fritz, fellow writer, blogger and CCBMC employee deluxe, made the event personal and fun. She even hung out with us for forever and endured the freezing cold "parking lot" part of the evening ; )

Me, Amy Garvey, Joanne Fritz, Christine Danek, Ilene Wong and Frankie Diane Mallis, all with COLD KISS lips.
4. The human connections made when you get to interact, you know, with other humans, can't be compared to any other form of interaction. So no matter where you are on your writing journey, get out there as much as you can and connect. Network. Laugh. Learn. Listen.

5. Going to these book events makes me all the more excited for January 7th.

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