CRACKED Book Trailer Contest

This is the place where I tell my stories and boy do I have a story to tell you….

Sunday morning, November 6th to be exact, I’m lying in bed doing some thinking and I cook up this elaborate promotion idea for CRACKED. I sit up and start scribbling, and by noon that day I have a concrete plan typed up and bullet-pointed.

Monday morning, November 7th to be exact, I pitch this idea to my agent. She listens intently over the phone and ultimately gives me the go ahead to pitch it to Simon & Schuster. I do and they give me the green light too.

My idea: host a live action book trailer contest for filmmaking enthusiasts.

I wrestled with what would inspire people I don’t know to spend their time making a one minute book trailer for me? Money and the chance to get their work seen by top film industry professionals!

I put out one tweet and one Facebook post asking if anyone knows anyone in the film industry—directors, producers, writers. Since I know exactly zero people in the film industry that’s where the freaking-awesome-people I mentioned on Facebook come into this scenario. And then the fun (read work) begins.

Cue fellow Apocalypsie, Lissa Price. She hooked me up with THREE industry pros!
Cue my editor, Annette Pollert. She hooked me up with TWO industry pros!
Cue my friend, Lynn Smith. She hooked me up with another industry pro!
Cue, Pam van Hylckama otherwise known as @BookaliciousPam who hooked me up with TWO industry pros!
Cue another fellow Apocalypsie, Hilary Weisman Graham, she IS an industry pro and volunteered to help critique!
Cue my agent, Sarah LaPolla. She hooked me up with another industry pro!

In case you were counting, that’s ten amazingly kind film industry professionals who agreed to help me make this thing happen. Ten complete strangers who said, “Sure, I’m in.”

And wait till you read their bios in the Filmmaker’s Kit (available at Yeah, they’re kind of a big deal. I still can’t believe they all said yes. Seriously.

So, as part of the prize packages, the three winning trailers will have their films critiqued by ten industry film professionals—all in the spirit of helping the budding filmmakers to become better at their craft. They also have the chance to win $500, $100 or $50 and many more incredible prizes.

While my web designer, and lovely sister, jumped in and created the new logo on, and my web developer cranked out the new website pages with lightning speed, and my other two lovely sisters cheered me on and helped generate early insider buzz…I was busy creating the Filmmaker’s Kit. It was labor intensive and worth every hour spent. And a big THANK YOU to my husband who proofread the whole kit.

The Filmmaker’s Kit has everything the filmmaker needs to get started on their film: the requirements, the way judging works, directions, Qs & As, prize descriptions, critic bios, etc…. You can download it HERE.

If you are wondering how you can help, (first off, how kind of you *high five*) it’s easy. If you know of any filmmakers, regardless of age or training, let them know this contest exists. It would also be great if you spread the word online, however you feel comfortable.

If you wanna go BIG, here’s a flyer you can copy & paste and put wherever you think would be the most effective.

Today marks the official launch of the

VISIT KMWALTON.COM for complete contest details. Download your Filmmaker’s Kit today and get started!

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