I think I'll let this news out straight away, like, bam!

The Publisher's Marketplace announcement:
Children's: Young Adult  
CRACKED author K.M. Walton's untitled next novel, in which an overweight teen's life starts spiraling out of control when she is bullied and abused, to Annette Pollert at Simon Pulse, by Sarah LaPolla at Curtis Brown.

I can not wait for people to meet Dell. She's quite a complicated main character.

Getting the opportunity to work with Annette Pollert and the Simon Pulse team again is downright thrilling. I am smack in the middle of revisions for this novel, and I can't thank Annette enough for the way her brilliant mind works. Her revision letter should be framed, or at the very least, covered in hot fudge. Because hot fudge is freaking delicious and the most brilliant ice cream topping available.

You feel me?

And of course, the book wouldn't have been ready to go out on submission in the first place without going through who I like to call--The Gatekeeper--otherwise known as my better publishing half, my agent, Sarah LaPolla. The woman is one tough cookie, and my gratitude runs deep for her genius revisions.

I must also thank my tried and true friend (and beta reader) Christina Lee. Her insight, revision ideas, compliments, and her love for Dell, made the manuscript ready to send to The Gatekeeper.

Thank you to every friend and family member that read an excerpt, loved Dell, and believed in my writing.

I am blessed. I am thankful. I continue to not let it all sink in because I never want to forget the struggle, for it is the struggle (the tears, the doubt, the frustration, the disappointment associated with my long-ass-query journey) that makes these moments of success so sweet.

So hot fudgie.

To those of you on the path to your dream--no matter what your dream is--I say, stay at it. To those of you not even on the path yet, I say, get going and take that first glorious step.

In closing, if anyone would like to join in a funky happy dance with me, well, people, I've got the song for you. Play it loud. Do not sit while listening. Feel the hotness of the beat.

 Various side notes:
1. My 300 word Write Campaign Challenge entry made it to the semi-finals. Thank you for your kind comments and a BIG thank you to the judges for moving it on. It looks like Vance was a hit. Perhaps I will write that whole story out some day.... You can read the entry HERE.

2. This blog is going to take a nap for a few weeks so I can get my revisions done. See you on the other side my friends.

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