My Life in Numbers

Happy Wednesday everyone. Welcome to my recent life in numbers. Share some of your numbers in your comments ; )

The number of blogs featuring CRACKED today on the Teen Book Scene Tour, in which I reveal the ten items the teen me would have at a garage sale (is that a fun topic or what?): 1

Times I've done yoga in my living room in the past two weeks: 4

Times I should've done yoga in my living room in order to negate the amount of "pumpkin things" I've consumed (see below): 12

Shiny new book ideas that came to me as I drove past THIS PLACE (and it's a freaking book store, people): 1

Band-aids worn each day to stop me from getting at my cuticles: 4

Minutes I've spent gazing out my window thinking about my book launch: 154, 781

Books read in September: 3

Rita's Pumpkin Pie Gelatis consumed to date: 2

Starbucks Pumpkin lattes consumed to date: 3

Blue Moon Pumpkin Spice lager consumed: 2

The number of rolls of THIS it took me to get used to it and then experience the most wonderful feeling of green: 1

The number of Facebook fans CRACKED has to date: 54

Days until my husband and I go to Jamaica: 48

The a.m. time of my son's first hockey game this weekend: 6

Days until CRACKED launches: 89 (I need to buy more band-aids!)

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