Campaigner Spotlights round 4

Before I get to the Campaigner Spotlights...It's Day 5 of the CRACKED  Teen Book Scene blog tour!

Anyone in need of a great book? Well, if you visit HERE you can see the list of my top YA and Adult reads of all time. It's quite a varied and long list. You just may stumble upon a book you've never heard of. You never know!


Onto Round 4 of my Campaigner Spotlights in honor of Rachael Harrie's Platform Building Challenge. The purpose of my Spotlights? To introduce my readers to bloggers they may not know. You know, spread the blog love around a bit.

Meet Michael de Gesu
He's a former model and interior decorator turned YA novelist. He admits he's addicted to writing now.

Visit his blog: In Time

Meet Adina West
Adina is a writer who lives in Sydney, Australia (one of the coolest cities on Earth!!). Her novel features lunar astrology. Cool eh?

Visit her blog: Stairways and Landings (She's currently on a blog hiatus in order to focus her time on writing. But you can always stop by later. Go Adina!)

Meet Shannon Lawrence
She has one novel under her belt and is currently working on her second. Her blog focuses on her journey as a writer.

Visit her blog: The Warrior Muse

Meet Katharina Gerlach

She's a published German writer who's an optimist, organizer and overqualified forester. Her blog is as interesting as she is!

Visit her blog HERE.

Meet Brianna
She's a stay at home mom, published writer, aspiring novelist and dissertation editor. Whew. Busy woman!

Visit her blog: pocketful of playdough

I hope you go forth and visit and make new blog friends. Happy, happy Friday to you all.

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