CRACKED Meets the World in Sixty Nine Days

See the countdown widget on my website?

It tics away the seconds until CRACKED is released. I've had this little voice in my brain saying: When that number is in the 60s it'll be nearly two months away, and two months is no time at all!

Two months away is, like, close.

Now, I know 69 days is two months plus nine days away. But it's still got the "two months" part in the beginning of the time frame. It's the "two months" part that makes my heart pound.

My heart pounds for obvious excitement reasons but, it's also pounding for something else, something unexpected. Actually, something that makes me go, "Uh, Kate, why is this dawning on you with such ferocity when your book is coming out in only 69 days? Wasn't this kind of obvious?"

Here's the something: People I've never met, never even heard their name, never laid eyes upon their face or blog photo, never been to their town--aka, strangers--will read CRACKED. That's crazytown exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. I wonder if I'll ever get used to it because right now, it's a mind-blower.

Speaking of mind-blowing. I've been gearing up for CRACKED's January 7, 2012 launch event at Chester County Book and Music Company at 7 PM. Let's just say Vistaprint and I have become very close personal buddies ; ) I've also ordered beautiful Tags-n-Stones pieces from the talented and lovely Christina Lee. Some pieces are for my launch and some for blog giveaways!

If you've never checked out her beautiful hand stamped jewelry then I insist you do. Right HERE.

What are you looking forward to, blog friends? I'd love to hear!

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