Three Year Blogoversary

Three years ago, on this very day, I wrote THIS. Like anyone who arbitrarily starts a blog, I had no idea what blogging was about, and I had zero followers. I remember thinking that blog readers would "find" my blog, and so I waited.

Yeah. Ahhh, the naivety.

Then I did some research and realized I had to get out there and build my readership by visiting other blogs. So I did and I "met" a slew of the coolest damn people. People I seriously consider friends. Some I've met in person *waves at Ron Smith, Christina Lee & Bryan Bliss*and some I will hopefully meet when the Universe decides our paths should cross. There are a handful of followers that earn the badge of Earliest Followers Who Stuck With My Blog:

Carrie Harris (author of the just released and seriously awesome BAD TASTE IN BOYS)
Ron Smith
Big Plain V (Ray Veen)
Lisa & Laura Roecker (authors of the recently released and seriously fun read THE LIAR SOCIETY)

Over these three years I've been consistently blown away by the support from people I've never laid eyes on. The "Never give up's" and the "You can do it's" have never failed to lift my spirits when I needed it the most. In short, blogging and all of the wonderful people associated with it, is a wickedly cool community.

My path to publication has felt like a true community effort. I've learned heaps from the invaluable communities at Authoress and Evil Editor. While querying I've researched agents from the miraculous blogging efforts of Casey McCormick. I could go on and on and on and on.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the screen you'll see links to the people I follow. Wait, let me rephrase that to: the incredible group of bloggers I follow. There are some fine people down there. See if you can "meet" a new blogger.

Thank you to the people who've stuck with me since the beginning.

Thank you to the people who jumped in and encouraged me when I needed it.

Thank you to the occasional readers who left comments - I love comments.

Thank you to my new blog readers - I hope you stick around!

Oh heck, thank you to anyone and everyone who has ever visited this blog and read it. Here's to another three years....

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