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James-freaking-Howe blurbed CRACKED. I wonder if he'd consider changing his name to James-freaking-Howe? I digress. Onto the awesome...

I'm sure you've heard of his 80+ books. THE MISFITS or TOTALLY JOE or the BUNNICULA series or the picture book series PINKY AND REX and HORACE, MORRIS BUT MOSTLY DOLORES.

Well, that guy, the guy that wrote some of the most endeared books on the planet, blurbed my book.

Here's how it all went down....

Back in the summer of 2006 I had the distinct pleasure of hearing James Howe give a presentation to a room full of language arts teachers. His talk had a heavy focus on bullying. I am, and always have been, crazed about bullying and injustice. The woman I was with *waves at Rina* encouraged me to get in the book signing line and tell him about my retired summer day camp called Camp Kindness. She said, "Be the last person in line so you can just talk to him."

I did.

He was just as awesome one-on-one and he gave me his email address so that I could send him the link to my camp. We've kept in touch all these years. When CRACKED was sold I poked around on the S & S site--you know, because I was, and continue to be, blown away that they are my publisher--and low and behold...James Howe is an S & S author too. Naturally he was the first person that popped into my mind when my editor began talk of blurbing.

My stars have been dipped in lucky because he not only said he'd blurb CRACKED, but his blurb.... Is just wow.

"In this powerful debut novel, K.M. Walton takes an unrelenting look
at the corrosive effects of bullying, sometimes coming from where
one would least expect it.  CRACKED crackles with emotional
intensity from beginning to end."
-- James Howe, bestselling author of THE MISFITS

And since this post is filled with the awesomeness that is
James-freaking-Howe, today his new book releases:
I gushed about it HERE. Get your hands on it, read it, and then have
every young person you know read it.
It says so much and you will absolutely adore Addie.

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