A Few Steps Closer

Before I get into the actual post let me start by saying a BIG THANK YOU to the many people who helped spread the word about our book launch contest. The contest is still going strong and I can't believe how many teachers we have officially signed up. It's just fantastic.

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No today's post....

I know most of my blog followers are primarily writers. This post is for you.

I love reading other writers' acknowledgments pages. Like, its actually the first page I flip to when I hold the book or buy the e-version for my Nook. I have to admit I do it with greater verve since I started calling myself a writer (Who is the agent? Who was the editor? Any names I recognize from blogworld?). I really enjoy reading the sometimes witty, other times touching, sentiments of gratitude.

And you know how the editor gets thanked with something like this:
Thank you for helping to polish this book into the sparkly diamond it turned out to be.
Your brilliant mind shaped my writing into what lives inside this cover.
OR Something else to that effect.
*No, those aren't taken from real acknowledgment pages. I just made them up.

Well I'm here to tell you that editors - real, talented, brilliant, highly trained, wickedly focused on detail - deserve that freaking brilliant sparkly diamond. Hope sized.

I don't know what I expected when I found out the lovely, Sarah LaPolla sold my first novel to Simon Pulse. More specifically, sold it to my brilliant editor, Annette Pollert. Everything was brand new to me. I anticipated the whole process with wide-eyed optimism. Revisions were mostly deepening and enriching the story. Line edits were fine tuning and aligning. Copy edits were microscopic and perfecting.

Three phases of the process towards publication.

Three phases of the process that I knew nothing about. And I loved every single solitary minute of. Every minute.

At each stage I marveled at the brilliant mind of my editor. She knew just how to rake through the manuscript and suggest how to either get more from the character/scene or fine tune and perfect. And when the fully copy edited paper manuscript was mailed to me, it hit me...I had a copy editor too. Another set of highly trained eyes going through this manuscript, shining it up. Unbelievable.

Let me bottom line it for you. Going through this incredible experience has made me deeply appreciate a traditionally published book. I seriously had NO idea the attention to detail that goes into the process or how many smart people would dedicate their time and intellect to something I wrote.

Am I clueless? Perhaps. But all I know is, It's fascinating to live it.

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