Change is Good

Some people fear change, some trudge through it with the feeling of “whatever, it’s out of my control” and some thrive, thirst for and love it. I’m definitely a thriver/thirster for/lover of change and I’ve always been that way. I get antsy. I like shaking things up with wild abandon (but with a purpose). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not impulsive. I like my change meaningful, powerful and exciting.




The change I’m about to announce falls into those three categories.

My debut young adult novel EVERYTHING’S NOT LOST has undergone a meaningful, powerful and exciting change.

It has a NEW title.

A title that embodies the book in one word. The word needed to be meaningful, powerful and exciting. That’s a lot of pressure on one word. Don’t you think? The word had to entice potential readers and capture the essence of the entire book. Preh-sure.

My editor, Annette Pollert, and the brilliant team at Simon Pulse came up with this new title and I love it. It’s perfect in every way. I can’t thank them enough for their continued dedication and hard work on my behalf. I still can’t believe this is all happening to me.

In addition to loving change I also thoroughly enjoy a good surprise. So, stop by the Dear Teen Me site on Thursday, March 3rd to read my letter and find out the new title.

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