New Agent Queries Out. Must Purchase Adult Diapers...

Developments a'plenty.

As of Thursday, October 16th I had no word from dream agent. It had been many moons since I'd emailed my full manuscript to her. We exchanged a few emails over the months (mostly me trying my best not to be a total P.I.A.) but no word on where I stood. We all know I left her a voice mail two weeks ago. And still no word. All hope was lost.

I'm sorta being overly dramatic - I do suffer from Overlydramatosois. Luckily it's not contagious. But, sadly I know of no cure. I suffer alone.

Back to developments...Not all hope was lost, but a whole heck-of-a lot-of-hope was lost. I reached out to my mentor author buddy to get his opinion on a few things. I wanted to know if I should ask dream agent's permission to query other agents and he wholeheartedly said, YES!

I emailed dream agent at 4:20 yesterday and received a reply by 4:31.

Holy crap.

I did NOT want to open the email. What if she said - go ahead, dummy, query other agents? What if she said, I'm done with you, now leave me be?

She did say she was sorry it was taking her so long and that yes, I could go ahead and query other agents. She didn't give me a no though.

Holy bigger crap.

I emailed her back and told her that I secretly was hoping she was going to tell me, "NO! I do not want you to query other agents! I want your book!"

But, you know what else I did? I queried 8 new literary agents by 9:14 a.m. this morning. All email queries.

Holy elephant-sized crap! (wink and nod to my baby elephant from last post ;)

Ahhhhh...more waiting.

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