My NEW Topper & My NEW Book!!!

Topper first. Well, I have a creatively gifted sister who married a wonderfulific Australian guy and moved to Australia a few years ago. I'll confess, she is the owner of Uniquely Noted...that webpage I'm nudging you to visit to your right. See it?

Anyway. Like I said, she is gigantiliciously creative. I challenged/hired her last week to create a new blog topper for me and voila...look above.

Yep, that's my head sticking out. Is she too much? If you haven't checked out her website, it is really worth a visit. Her stuff if fantastical.

*it is fun to make up words, isn't it?*

Book second. I started writing my new book over the weekend. It's a memoir of my other super wonderful sister's divorce from her smacked-ass, pathetic excuse for a husband, ex-husband. The book is the story of her mind blowing divorce through my eyes.

And it is hard to write. Not the subject matter. While her story will indeed blow any reader's mind, that's not what is causing me pause. I'm having trouble writing it out...because I can't make it all up. This insanity is real.

I'm only on page 6 and it isn't flowing out of me like my other two fiction novels did. It is definitely going to take a lot longer to write. But, I'm not giving up. Oh no, this story is too compelling to abandon. It just may take me a year to get it out onto paper.
p.s. I do have one more sister, who will kill me if I don't somehow weave her into this post. So, she is a mom of 3 and new to blogging - but she's afraid of blogging (see my list of other blogs I visit, down below). Her computer is being uncooperative and naughty lately and I know that's the reason she hasn't posted in, oh, like 3 weeks. Let's egg her on kind people... Go Meghan! Go Meghan!

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