The Message

Woooooow! I just left a message on dream agent's phone about five minutes ago. I'll nutshell it for you with my handy dandy talking points:

  • I'm touching base to do some peasant groveling.
  • I just need to know your decision...or at least where it may or may not be headed. I can take it either way.
  • I was so optimistic when we spoke in mid-July and you told me my book got 'rave reviews' from your readers and that there was 'a lot of interest' in representing me. I swear, it feels like I was dreaming that.
  • Ok, here comes more begging...I need a decision, I honestly can't wait anymore. I feel like the gerbil on the wheel these past months.
  • Please, please know that you are my #1 choice for representation, and I did my research.
  • Email is totally fine with me, I know you are busy. I'll take any news at all. Any direction it may be headed - even if you aren't able to give me a final decision...maybe just a word or two about the status.
  • Alright, begging is now over.
  • Take care and I hope you have a great weekend.

My hands are shaking.

I said above talking points with a peppy, non-whiny tone to my voice - professional would probably be a good word to describe it. I spoke my message with complete respect for dream agent - no cockiness at all.

Well, I hope I hear something, anything. I hope I didn't tick her off. I hope she doesn't chuck my manuscript in the trash heap. I hope she feels my pain and gives me a small nugget of her thinking. I hope - I hope - I hope...

I hope it all works out.

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