Under My Belt

Well, I have my first week of school under my belt. My legs are killing me from standing all day; I still have "summer legs". I seem to have an interesting crop of students this year and I'm looking forward to things kicking into high gear next week.

I always start out the year with a letter TO the students, from me, about my history as a writer. I take them through who impacted me positively and negatively, what I like to write about and how I like to share it. I also tell them a little bit about how I like to teach it.

Then comes my favorite part...I ask them to write a letter back to me, telling me their history as a writer.

Its amazing how many kids come to me HATING writing and reading. They have many, various reasons for not liking it, but overwhelmingly the vibe is a serious non-like of writing. Sad.

If you're reading my blog, chances are, you like writing as much as I do. I'm curious...

Why do you like writing? Dig deep people, dig deep.

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