Life's Messages. Be Ready, I'm Going Deep Here.

You know how life gives you messages all the time? Little gifts of understanding? I guess, by messages I could also say lessons.

Like when you lose a dear friend unexpectedly and suddenly, and once you muddle through the whys and the anger...well, there is usually a message tossed in that salad of sadness and pain.

* live each day for that day
* laugh whenever possible
* tell the people you love that you love them...a lot

How 'bout this one, like when your dad dies at 51 just 6 months after your first son is born. You know, gut-wrenching pain followed up with some anger and some regret. Just, not regret on your part, nope, regret that your dad wasted a lot of the time he had with you, when he was alive. There's a message buried in that mess too.

* time is precious so you better use it wisely
* be a freakin' good parent if you have kids
* don't waste precious time on regret or anger

Here's another one. When you meet a student that no one else likes, and let's be honest, you are having trouble liking this kid too. A wise young woman named, Margie, once said, "It's the kids that nobody likes that need us teachers the most. The popular kids don't need much." Life is trying to tell you to remember why you're in that classroom, with those human beings. You are there to teach them and give them the confidence to learn.

* never forget the importance of impact. How what you say may impact the other person
* respect must be earned
* empathy should be practiced many, many, many times a day by all human beings

And, lastly, you know when you send your query letter off to your number-one-agent-choice back in mid-April and not a word was heard till mid-July and then you wait some more, oh maybe till the end of August, only to hear that you have to wait some more and then be told last week that, well, you had to wait some more?

I suspect that life is smacking you between the eyes this time. I got the message last night, loud and clear. I was watching Anthony Bourdain's show called No Reservations and three of the people interviewed mentioned the value in waiting. One actually said, "When you wait for something it builds character. It makes the desired outcome that much sweeter."

Bourdain replied, "Yeah, it's not the's the journey." In my head, I addressed myself and added the word, 'stupid' to the end of his reply. Sometimes I do miss the messages along the way.

* getting signed by an agent will happen when it happens
* focus on the good I already have in my life...without said agent
* WHEN book gets published the satisfaction will be that much greater than if it had all fallen into my lap

WOW, this is a long post. If you stuck with it to the end...thanks. Who know, maybe something in there spoke to you? That would be cool.

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