A Brick Wall

If you've read any of my former posts you know that I've written 2 YA novels - unpublished for now. Well, I've reached a really great place with my first book. Tons and tons of people have read it and I've gotten tons and tons of amazing/positive feedback. I've taken it through 14 rounds of deep revisions. I really listened to my trusted group of readers. All good.

Over the summer I wrote the 2nd book of my planned 3 book series. The book flew out of me, just like book 1. All good.

Here comes the bad part... My first two readers of book 2 said, and I quote, "It didn't get good till page 110." Then, my third reader said she loved it, all the way through (small ray of sunshine there).

I did some serious revisions. Necessary revisions.

Onto draft 2. But...(more bad) my fourth reader echoed my first two, you know, it didn't get good till page 110.

After I picked up my crushed ego from the floor I set to task. I went back to my already seriously revised draft 2 and tried to remedy the, "It didn't get good till page 110" problem.

I honestly don't know what to do. I swear. I like what I have. The readers who said...oh, you know what they said, well, they admitted they were not fantasy readers. They actually hate fantasy/sci-fi. I wonder if that has anything to do with it???

Is there such a thing as a professional editor that would read my book and help me make it flawless & not put downable (like book 1)?

Does anyone have any advice? I am at a loss.

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