A rest.

To the one or two people who still visit this neglected dusty place, I say, hello. But, don't get too excited, this post might bum you out (it bums me out).

Back on July 18, 2008 (that's five years ago) I wrote my first post: I did it...I wrote a novel. Who knew that my journey to publication would be so arduous, so bumpy, so-friggin-long.

This blog, and more importantly my blog readers, got me through the most daunting times, the times I wanted to throw in the towel, the times I needed advice, a friend, a shoulder. Thank you.

Over the past five years I have opened up and shared so very much, right here. I have made "in real life" friends, gained critique partners, cheered others on from the sidelines of their own paths to publication - all wonderful things. But sometimes wonderful things must come to an end.

Cue the bummer part.

It probably won't come as a big surprise that I've officially decided to stop blogging. I've kinda already done that (hello, my last post was in September...and it's November. I'm a blogging slacker of the worst variety.)

Anyone need a tissue? *sniff*

Don't fret too much, I will still announce gigantic stuff here (new books, covers, etc...) And I'm on twitter (@kmwalton1), facebook, and kmwalton.com, so it's not like I'm disappearing into the mist.

If you're wondering "Why, Kate? Why?" well, it's because I want to save my time spent writing for my books. Not for monetary reasons or anything, simply because I'm blogged out.

So, farewell my blogger friends. See ya around the web. Stay cool.

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