Alright, Universe. I'm Listening. Again.

Dear Universe,

Lately I've read a few blogs where writers make witty deals with you, and I smile and chuckle at their bold bravery. I don't want to make a deal with you. Not today at least.

Instead I want to acknowledge the situation I find myself in today - a very familiar situation - an exciting situation. I believe with my soul, that you, fine Universe, are teaching me one hell of a lesson in patience. Kudos to your mad teaching skills.

My last post helped me release my crippling sense of frustration with my query experience to date...release it back to you, Universe.

I think you listened.

Yesterday I got a full request.

And today, a second full request.

So, Universe, I hear you. My dormant tenacity has been re-awakened. I will charge forward. I will not give up.


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