Somthing Exciting

If you've followed my blog for a while you already know of my brilliant younger sister, Christina.
  • She designed my blog topper up there with the swirls. Love it. 
  • She was the designer of my author business card - check it out HERE. Love it.
  • She was the "prize" for my very first blog contest. First prize = custom designed business cards, with the runners up winning custom stationary - check it out HERE. Love it.
Well she's outdone herself again by designing my new author website. I can't wait until the formal launch. But today I will share something exciting - a place holder has gone live. And even that is making my heart pound.

Thank you, Christina, for all of your insane talent and dedication to this project. It's kind of a biggie. I dream big. Thank you, Greg, the guy who is taking all of Christina's designs and animating them as well as building the functionality of the site.

Check out Christina's custom stationary and invitations HERE. Her stuff is incredible.

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