Remember My Contest? Here Are Photos of the Prizes!

Remember my first contest? Ah the newness, the virgin contest, the freshness, the first born'ness, the...oh, you remember.

But, If you don't you can click HERE for the info and HERE for the winners, so you feel like you're in the know?

Well, my sister, Christina, the one who lives in Australia and just had her first (and completely perfect) first baby, Scarlett Jane, emailed me the photos of the incredible, custom made prizes she created.

She is a wonder, and a gifted/talented wonder at that. If you haven't done so, check out her site - her stuff is crazy-good. Uniquely Noted.

Here is the front & back of BPV's FIRST PRIZE, 25 custom made business cards. I know, WOW.

I smudged out his phone number and email as a courtesy.

If you haven't ever been to his blog, why, go on. Good, witty read.

And here are some photos of the runner-up prizes. She custom made Thank You note cards for all of the runners up - and I didn't even ask her to. Thanks Chrissy - U Rock.
Sara J. Henry
Lisa & Laura
How wildly amazing are these?

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