REVOLUTION by Jennifer Donnelly

I'm not sure I will be able to adequately gush over this book. It's that damn good. While in NYC at the SCBWI Winter Conference, Christina Lee and I talked "good books". REVOLUTION was at the top of her must-read list for me.

Thank you, Christina, for telling me about this masterpiece.


Andi is an emotionally broken American teenager. And for good reason. She pops pills to quiet her demons while life crumbles around her. Her family is in shambles. Her ex-boyfriend is a tool. And her father wants her to leave it all and come to France to get her act together. All she wants is to play her guitar so she can feel alive.

Jennifer Donnelly has written as authentic a character as A.S. King's Vera Dietz - and if you've followed my blog for a while, you know how much I love PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ. Seriously love that book too.

But I'm not finished gushing about REVOLUTION.

There is a very unique layer to REVOLUTION. The author has done obvious hours and hours of research on the French Revolution (wait till you see her bibliography). She's written a deeply compelling plot, mixing modern with the historically accurate. The book is genius.

I won't give anything away. But know this: This book has surprises. Jaw dropping, "I didn't see that one coming" surprises.




AND the MC is a huge Radiohead fan. Best/most genius band on the planet.

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