Contest Ends Sunday at Midnight EST


#1 A special hello to all of my new followers. I didn't make following my blog a contest requirement, so it's extra cool that you chose to follow. Hope you continue to stop by to see what's doing.

# 2 I am blow away that I have over 100 comments. I didn't even break 50 when I shared the sale of my book on here. Goes to show you how many dedicated writers there are doing everything in their power to land an agent. Go determined writers, go.

# 3 I promised a photo of the tote bag full o'books runner up prize.

# 4 You still have time to enter. Read HERE on how to do so. It's ridiculously easy.

# 5 I will post the winners & details by noon EST on Monday, February 14th.

Good luck everyone and thanks for spreading the word.

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