The Niceness of Blogging

Thank you to Medeia for my lovely blog award. If you haven't met Medeia then I encourage you to visit her blog and give her a read. niceities

In an effort to pass along this niceness I am obliged to share the award with 5 bloggers. (no worries or pressure to pass it along yourself - only if you want to :)

Here you go...nice blogging people:

Hayley at The Writer's Hollow (she's so genuine and kind)

Casey at Literary Rambles (her blog is filled with uber-helpful agent spotlights)

Susan at A Walk in My Shoes (even though she's on a blog hiatus, her blog is filled with uber-helpful writer'y stuff)

Christina at Write Brained (she's a fellow writer with a big heart)

Ray at Big Plain V (I do believe he needs a bit of uplifting at the moment)

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