The Biggest News of My far

I am sitting here, staring at my laptop, and I'm coming up blank. I have dreamed about typing this blog post for over two years. Tears typically leak from my eyes as I read fellow writers' posts of this type. The tears are two fold: happiness and dread, all rolled up into one messy nugget. Happiness for the writer sharing news of this magnitude and then dread...dread that it wasn't me. That month after month it was never me.

Today, it is me.

I accepted an offer of representation from Sarah LaPolla at Curtis Brown Ltd. I, my dear, dedicated blog friends, have an agent. An agent who loves my book and my characters and is excited to work with me...and I am blown-away-excited to work with her.

Today, is my day.

Now, since I've had considerable amounts of time to analyze why today is my day. Why it has finally happened for me. I'd like to share...

It has been such a tumultuous journey so far - well, you know if you've followed my blog since the beginning. You know of my many requests and then subsequent and heartbreaking rejections.

You know I took Mr. Ray Veen's advice and wrote another book. And then another. And then another. And then another.

You know I've been to three SCBWI writers' conferences where I listened, networked and came home and wrote.

You know I had three brilliant fellow writers BETA my latest YA novel for me this summer. Thank you brilliant fellow know who you are.

You know I joined YALITCHAT, SHE WRITES and TEEN FIRE to post my work, join their contests and get my name out there.

You know I put my query on Evil Editor for public critiqueing as well as Absolute Write.

You know how much I LOVE Elana Johnson's book FROM THE QUERY TO THE CALL. I'm serious...if you haven't read her book yet...why the heck not??

You know I entered three Secret Agent contests through the years over at Authoress's brilliant blog.

You know I religiously read Casey McCormick's blog for her Agent Spotlight and then query like a madwoman.

You know I've encouraged every writer to "Stop Looking at the Warts" -- give it a read. It just may inspire.

You know how much the book The Alchemist means to me -- give this post a read. It's rather inspiring.

You know I made book trailers for two of my novels in an effort to get my name out there and get some buzz.



You know I made a song parody for fun and to help encourage fellow writers to NEVER give up their dream.

I know my "real" journey is just beginning, but without the past two years of dedication and fight I don't think this would feel so sweet.

Lastly, to any writer reading this, who is doing everything in their power to land their agent...DO NOT GIVE UP. Never give up. Only you can make it happen. The power is in your hands to research and query and write and revise and query some more. Believe it will happen. Envision it happening. Make it happen.

Also, anyone reading this who thinks, "It will never be me...why can't it be me..." believe me, I've been there and feel your pain and desperation and self-doubt. I say again, never give up. Only you can make it happen.

Tell your inner voice to shove it. And get back to work. Get out there, get your work out there, build your own buzz, join groups, visit every site you can and make comments. You can do this.

I'll tell you what, this feels damn good. Go make it happen for you.

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