My Bowl of Random, Juicy Goodness

In my bowl of goodness I have a few delicious things. Here, let me share. Better grab a napkin because these things are juicy.

1. My contract with the one, the only Sarah LaPolla is signed, sealed and delivered. Check it out:

When I opened the mailbox and saw that bright orange return address I nearly passed out. I happened to be in the car with husband-Todd when the mailbox was opened, and we both screamed. His scream was really manly though, in case you were wondering.

**(See that awesome pen? My sister Christina had it made for me, out of the blue, a week before I had my offer from Sarah. It says, "K.M. Walton Professional Writer." She's got magic powers that Christina.)

And here I am signing my contract. Note the smile -- that is pure happiness right there. The flowers and balloons were from a celebratory lunch the amazing Margie organized with two former teaching colleagues. Hi Jennifer and Monica!

2. I would like to send a colossal THANK YOU to every blogger who shared my news on their blogs. If you want to "meet" some interesting people then give them a visit:

aka Ron Smith


BIG PLAIN V aka Ray Veen

LISA AND LAURA WRITE aka Lisa and Laura, which is sort of the same thing, but I didn't want to break the trend I started. I digress.

(look in the Congratulations chunk)

Also, thanks to everyone who tweeted about it too. Those I caught were: WeronikaJanczuk, Casey_McCormick, FelizaD, YABooksRock and nnsakusha. Check them out on Twitter.

3. Just for the heck of it I entered Steph Bowe's contest by creating a book trailer for her upcoming release of GIRL MEETS BOY. Check it out HERE.

4. I signed up for WRITEONCON just this morning. Better late than never. The uber-informative Casey McCormick gives a full rundown of the what's and the when's over at Literary Rambles.

5. This made me laugh. Click HERE.

6. And my BETA buddy, Christina Lee, shared news of her own!

7. My super talented sister, Christina, the one who created my blogtopper up above, changed the words for me to reflect where I am right now in my journey towards publication. Thanks, Christina. Oh, and if you are ever in need of insanely spectacular, one of a kind invitations, then you need to visit HERE.

8. And finally, thank you to every single person who has congratulated me, shed a tear with me or felt inspired by my story. I have read and re-read the comments on my last three posts and feel honored and humbled by all of your kindness.

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