Run This Town

I have a few things to blog about - forgive me if this post feels scattered.

First, I'd like to share a few of my favorite songs of the moment, complete with links to the videos. I will list them in order of love:

1. Run This Town: Rhianna, Jay-Z & Kanye
I can not get enough of this song and I like to play it (and sing it) at full, ear-bleeding the car. It's just so good. And the video, well, unbelievably cool. Jay-Z couldn't get any more cool. I don't know what it is about this song that makes me feel powerful. Maybe it's the lyrics. Or the video. All I do know is, I love it.

2. All the Above: Manio & T-Pain
Now, I am not a T-Pain fan per say, but I really like the lyrics to this song...sort of inspiring...and funky, all the same time. I like that. I also like the hook and it gets embedded in my brain for hours. Beware.

3. Language: Regular John
My brother in law, from Australia, turned me on to these dudes - they're Australian too. We've been playing them a lot 'round here. They rock, and they are fun to blast loud.

Second, I finally started my new job and let's just say, LOVE IT. I had to do a two day workshop, with 36 4th and 5th grade teachers...alone, just me and them. Needless to say, I was beyond nervous. But, I work with the 10 most supportive and brilliant women around and they lifted me up, told me I could do, and I did. Once I got up there and started talking, and making them laugh, all was well - really well. All 36 of them clapped for me at the end of the first day (unsolicited of course) and then, the best part, at the end of my second day, I got a standing ovation and cheers like I was Elvis reincarnated. I nearly cried.

Happy. Love new job. Happy.

Third, I sent my first query for my new book. I sent it to an agent that still has the first 50 of my first book. We actually exchanged some fairly personable emails this past spring - so I'm trying to entice said agent. We'll see. I actually just got a partial request for my first book today, which took me by surprise. Again, we'll see.

I will never give up.

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