Me & Coldplay Are Best Friends Now

I know it's been a good day writing because my butt hurts from sitting so much. I'm sorry, but it's true. I'm not kidding either, I have been in this chair for the past four days nearly non-stop. I am smack in the middle of writing the big ending climax and...yeah, I'm blogging. Go figure.

To say I love this book would not be strong enough. To say I love my two MC's would not be enough either. But, well, I guess love is the highest right? How about I LOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEE them? Better.

Let me tell you a little bit about it. I know you didn't ask, but I'm gonna tell you anyway. It's called, Everything's Not Lost. For any of you long-time readers, you know how much I heart Coldplay and this is the theme song for the book. I have wild dreams of that song ending the movie version of this book and meeting the band, having a cappuccino with Gweneth - we'd laugh at how crazy-popular the book and movie are, and then Chris Martin would tell me he cried when he read the book, and I'd swoon and tell him I cry every time I hear him sing Trouble because it makes me think of my sister in Australia and he'd tell me he loves Australia, then Gwen (I can call her that now because we're tight) would invite me and my family over to England for the movie premier over there, like, to stay in their mansion, I'd tell her we'd love to and then...

What can I say? I'm a writer; I have an overactive imagination. a total casual sort of way. Don't worry, I'll clean it all up for my query, when I'm ready.

Everything's Not Lost

It has two 16 year old boy MC's and the book alternates back and forth between their voices. Its written in first person, which is a new thing for me, and I like it. A lot. I really got into their heads.

The one boy, Victor, is a tortured dweeb of a kid who has the most self-absorbed parents alive. They ride him about everything. Like when he only gets a perfect SAT score on the math, they lose their minds and uninvite him from their upcoming European vacation, so he can stay back with a tutor to get his reading and verbal parts up to, you guessed it, perfect. His life sucks.

The other boy, Bull, gets the crap beat out of him by his alcoholic grandfather. His mother had him when she was only 17 and is still just as clueless. He likes to take out his anger on Victor. Always has. He's brutal. And yeah, His life sucks, too.

Insane circumstances throw them together and it gets ugly before it gets better, trust me. But, there's love and hope and tears and light in both boys. They just don't know who they are...yet.

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