I'm Off To Oz...Australia

I leave tomorrow for Australia. It's me, the husband, my two boys, my two sisters and my nephew. Whoo hoo!!!

My youngest sister - the one who owns Uniquely Noted - just had her first baby, TODAY. 9.4 pounds of perfect little girl.

I bid you farewell, 8 followers, small though you are in number, huge you are appreciated for being...my 8 followers.

p.s. I got my super-awesome-I-really-love-this-new-WIP-it-is-seriously-the best-thing-I've-ever-written, book, all the way to page 111...in five days, people! Can you say, holla?!?!?!?

p.s.s. I really want to start an online critique group. Any takers?

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