Dumb Economy = Query Rejection

Dumb economy.

Friday, I got a rejection on a partial, and the agent clearly stated that the state of the economy means no new clients.

Dumb economy.

On a good note, I am about to embark upon a serious re-revising the first 30 pages of The End of Normal. I have been told over and over again that my book is 'un-put-downable'

I like to hear that. A lot.

But, the kicker is, I also keep hearing that it is 'un-put-downable' from page 31 on. I can't have that. I need it to be 'un-put-downable from page numero uno. Word one. I know I'm close - I know what I have to do. My heart pounds with excitement...at the very idea of re-visiting those pages, those people, those moments. I miss them.

Dumb economy. I had to say it one more time.

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