Resolutions = Bad...Goals = Good

Ahhhhhh 2008. Quite a year, quite a year. Memories, family, laughter, friends...

Oh, what a bunch of bull-doodie.

2008 started out with such high hopes. But by January 21st it sucked, big time. Read my very first blog post and you'll see why.

That post sums up my 2008 perfectly - Good to Bad to Good/Hopeful again. No need to re-write it all out here.

Blogging was new to me back in July 08 and I've since discovered what a cathartic medium it is. Thanks, Blogging.

Resolutions. Well, the word resolution sounds too daunting, too much pressure. I read a comment on someone's blog yesterday, and the girl said she liked the word 'goals' better, and I agree.

2009 Goals: get an agent, get a publishing deal, see first novel in actual print - in actual book store (I know from reading Aprilynne Pike's blog - that part may take me into 2010 but I can wait.)

Goooooo. Goals.

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