Mall = Nutzo

Why? Why did I wait to take my kids to Santa? Let me tell you, it was beyond crazy. The normally ten minute drive to the mall took us FORTY minutes. I should have taken that as a tap on the shoulder from God himself telling me to turn around. But noooooo, I forged forward, Christmas music playing while my kids got into a box of chocolates from one of my students.

We did score a rock-star parking space so my hopes continued to rise. Maybe the line for Santa would be short. Maybe I was the only slacker parent who left Santa till the last minute.

Maybe Not.

The line for Santa was two hours long. Yep, you read correctly. Two, I-think-I-wanna-gouge-my-own-eyes-out, hours long.

We stood there for all of about three minutes when I had a parental moment of genius brainstorm.

I got out of line and asked the friendly elf at the counter if the big guy would be on tomorrow.

She said, "Ten till five."

I said, "Sweet."

I then convinced my seven year old to step out of the line and we drove home. The elven year old was 200% okay with this scenario - he found out the awful truth last year, so he was just coming for the photo op anyway.

Wish me luck for tomorrow morning.

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