Come On, Play Along

This came to me on my drive home. Okay, picture this:

It's 1993. You are going on a trip alone and for some crazy reason you decide to pack your stuff in a fireproof, water proof backpack. In a visionary moment you think to place your two all-time favorite cd's in the backpack along with your Discman and five packs of batteries. You place said backpack safely under the seat in front of you. Here comes the scary part...

Plane crashes. You end up on a deserted island. With your backpack. What luck right?

Here comes the thinking, interactive part...

What two cd's would YOU have packed for your time alone on the deserted island? Think about this for a few moments, I can wait. Let's say you'll be there for 6 months. Nothing but you, the ocean, the island and your music. Choose wisely my friends - 6 months is a long, long time.

My two:
#1 In Rainbows by Radiohead (I know it wasn't released till January of 08, but I stick my tongue out at you. This is my game.)

#2 Listen Without Prejudice by George Michael (*Note, this does NOT qualify as cheese, trust me on that.)

Come on, play along.

Oh, and, if you follow my blog, if you keep up with my thoughts...the journey of my life, I thank you. And I'd like you to comment. I am seriously lacking in the comment department. I get all of these hits and no comments (ignore pleading, BPV and Carrie Harris and Prince Balthazar).

Have fun...

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