The past few months have been spent working on a brand new manuscript, hence my lack of blog posts. It seems I'm of the "when I'm writing, that's all I'm capable of" ilk.

Since I'm so rusty when it comes to writing a proper blog post, behold the randomness....

- Next week is the start of the NYC Teen Author Festival. It is made of so much awesome. Publishers Weekly wrote about it HERE, and you can see the lineup HERE and HERE.

- CRACKED is involved in a fierce battle in the YA March Madness competition. Voting ends Saturday, March 16th at 8 PM EST. There is still time to show Victor and Bull how much you love them by VOTING.

- My oldest son turned sixteen a few days ago. Yeah, let that sink in for a minute or two. I can't believe it myself.

- EMPTY has been out in the world now for seventy-four days. Thank you to the readers who've reached out to me via email, twitter, and facebook, to let me know how much Dell's story touched their heart.

- To anyone out there with a heavy heart, for whatever reason, THIS is for you.

Enjoy your weekend!

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