MORE Randomness

Despite it being a dreary Monday morning, I'm hearing Austin Powers in my head: Are you feeling random baby? Yeah!

And I'm smiling. Dreary Monday morning be damned.

A few random items for you guys.

1. CRACKED made it through the first round of YA March Madness competition! *high five* Much thanks to anyone who voted. Now that round two is on, (oh, it's ON) Victor and Bull need your votes again. You can vote HERE - voting ends Wednesday, March 20, 2013 at 8 PM EST.

2. Speaking of Victor and Bull. I'm a fan of the song THRIFT SHOP by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. While jamming out in my car on Friday it hit me: Bull Mastrick would probably like the song, especially the line "Bout to go and get some compliments, passin' off in those moccasins someone else has been walkin' in..." If you remember, he wasn't a fan of wearing someone else's shoes. Salvy! Salvy!

Love you, Bull! Note: there is "language" in this song.

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