Words of Encouragement

This post is for anyone out there longing for something (an agent, a book deal, love, happiness, the truth, anything).

At the risk of sounding hokey and new agey, I suggest this: set it free.

If you've done everything humanly possible to achieve what it is you want, and I do mean everything, then release the want. The want is holding you back. Let it go and simply wait for "it" to come to you. Again, I understand that I sound like I'm spouting a line from The Secret, but my philosophy is different at its core. Where The Secret tells you to desire and then wait to receive, I believe in a more pro-active approach: logical and meaningful action leading up to the release of the want.

Go back a step and analyze what it is you actually want, and if you've been stuck at the "want stage" for a while, ask yourself: is there anything else I can do to make "it" happen? If the answer is "yes" then do it. But, make sure what you do is productive and meaningful and truly has the power to increase the likelihood of "it" happening. You don't want to spin your wheels. Your wheels are precious.

If the answer is "yes, I have done everything I can to do make 'it' happen", then unequivocally let the want go. With consciousness and purposefulness, release it in a way that feels freeing to you. Be creative. Having the release mean something to you holds power.

Then let life take over again. Allow the things, people, moments back in that have been put aside. Add things that you've been putting off because you've been treading water in the want.

And wait for "it" to happen. When your desire materializes, your celebration will be deeper, richer and far more satisfying because you know you made it happen. If "it" doesn't happen--reassess, reflect, re-direct, hold your head high and power onward.

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