Five Random Things

1. I intentionally deleted the Intense Debate plugin for comments and all of my comments went POOF. The plugin kept acting wonky and intermittently disappearing. I'm bummed that any comments made through Intense Debate are forever lost, but I'll live. They'll have to be remembered in my heart. *insert sappy music here*

2. Last weekend, Elisa Ludwig, E. C. Myers, and I, ran a writing workshop for teens. The kids who came were AWESOME and then there was this:
Photo courtesy of E. C. Myers
3. I've been in a revising F R E N Z Y lately, and I love it. Put my beloved middle grade novel through yet another revision and submitted it to my agent. Put the first third of my brand new YA ghost story through a revision and submitted it my agent. Put my YA coming of age novel through another revision and am about to send it back to my agent. A public "thank you" to said agent for her brilliance and encouragement.

4. I'm really looking forward to attending Book Expo America (BEA) for the first time. If anyone out there is going, stop by these two events and say hello:
- Meet the Apocalypsies
- Teen Author Carnival

5. Question: How are YOU? Any plans for summer?

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