Soul Surfer

Life is hard sometimes. We all know this. "Hard" comes in many flavors and varieties. You strike out in the bottom of the 9th and lose the game. You get another rejection on a full request. Your car gets totaled. Someone you love dies. All difficult to face.

How about getting your arm chomped off by a shark? I'm sure we can all agree on one thing: that is way up there on the "hard" list.

The real Bethany Hamilton
 My family wanted to rent a movie and we went back and forth between renting Rio or Soul Surfer. By a stroke of fate, Rio wasn't out On Demand yet, so Soul Surfer it was. I knew the general premise of Bethany Hamilton's incredible story: talented young surfer gets her arm bitten off by a shark and lives. What I was completely unprepared for was twofold:

1. The way the Hamilton family worked together as a team to overcome the tragedy. Rather than crumbling into dust, they leaned on each other, put their heads together as a family unit and became each others strength.

2. The introspection of Bethany Hamilton blew my mind. The way she worked her way through the horrible and heartbreaking moments astonished me over and over again.

So, if anyone out there is in need of a serious dose of inspiration, rent Soul Surfer.

If you want to see her real life documentary instead of the Hollywoodized movie version, you're in luck because it exists. It's called Heart of a Soul Surfer and it has won all sorts of awards and accolades.

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