Things I Learned on Vacation

1. Buy books on your NOOK before you leave for vacation, especially when where you're going has no wi-fi.
2. Print out more than one bound copy of your WIP so that a lot more family get to read it and give feedback.
3. Speaking of feedback - there's nothing quite like getting it while on the beach. Best. Place. Ever.
4. Doing final edits from your editor while on vacation is, hands down, still exciting stuff.
5. Purchase a decent raft for next year, you still don't like to touch the bottom.
6. Seared meat on the beach always tastes better. Yay for "Hotdog Thursday!"
7. Eating that third slice of Mack & Manco's pizza was a very good idea. You should've gone for four.
8. Not cooking a single thing the entire week was actually pretty genius. Remember that for next year.
9. Having your iPhone and being able to get online saved your sanity.

My youngest son goofing it up when we were at dinner one night. Yes, that is a restaurant ON the bay.
10. Your big, wild, opinionated, beautiful, funny, steadfast, loving family is still as awesome as ever.

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