My Other Book and the first request

My former teaching colleague and I have spent every single Sunday since September 2009 writing our first research based book for math teachers. Yeah, whoa. I'm a language arts teacher by nature and she's a math teacher by nature, so we make the perfect educational team - in our humble opinions.

We have thirteen pages of references. Again, whoa. And our book is going to set American mathematics on the path to deep thinking. You just watch.

We spent the past two weeks working on our proposal - it ended up being 32 pages long. More whoa. Since September Margie has compiled a list of publishers to submit to - our dream list of master educational publishers. Our number one choice was and is Corwin Press.

We sent our very first proposal/query out to the senior acquisitions director at Corwin Press at 4:21 p.m. today and by 4:24 p.m. she wrote us back and asked to see THE WHOLE ENTIRE BOOK!!! All 280 glorious pages of it. She said she found our proposal "intriguing" - infinity whoa.

Maybe this book will actually get published, and I will finally get to see my name on a book.

Any fingers you'd like to cross for us would be awesome. We'd be forever grateful. Whoa.

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