Honest Scrap

I was over at A Broken Laptop seeing what the wickedly cool Mercedes was up to. Turns out she got tagged to produce some "Honest Scrap" - aka ten honest things about herself. I inadvertently made it into #8 on her list. Cool, huh?

I'm all about honesty. So here goes my ten things:

1. I love lipstick. I have a problem. If you were to look into the makeup case in my purse, you would only find lipstick. Like 17 different tubes and kinds, to be exact. And a lip liner. The 17 tubes is not including the other 30+ tubes in a basket on my makeup table.

2. I have the very bad and very painful habit of picking at the skin around my cuticles. At one point, I was so determined to stop picking, that eight out of my ten fingers had band-aids on them.

3. I have this bizarre cocktail of confidence and self-doubt always churning away inside.

4. My senior year of high school I had a mohawk - not a pencil mohawk, mind you, but I used to stand it straight up for the dance. I wanted to look as different as I could.

5. My whole life I've wanted to "live somewhere else" like Ireland or Australia or an island. But I am never happier than when I'm home, in my house, with my family. Weird.

6. To me, girls or women who do cool things that men typically do - like surf, snowboard, skateboard, or play ice hockey - are the coolest chicks on the planet - and I've always, and I mean always, wished I had it in me to do stuff like that. But I don't. Trust me. I can't even walk across my lawn with out falling.

7. I have eaten an entire pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. All 9,000 grams of fat of it.

8. I love to sing. I've brought people to tears and junk. But, that little voice of doubt squashed my dreams of being all Mariah-Carey-like. Right before I'd either get on the stage or stand up to sing I would nearly vomit. I thought, singing probably wasn't the career for me, because who wants to puke every day before work? No thanks. I still sing, like a freakin' rock star, in my car. If there were try outs for 40+ on American Idol - I would SO be there.

9. I believe in spirits and souls and ghosts and psychics and mediums and reincarnation (read Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss and tell me if I'm wrong - that book BLEW MY MIND).

10. I don't measure stuff when I'm cooking. I just sort of figure it out. Now, not when I'm baking - you have to be precise then. But cooking, nah.

If you are reading this, and you have a blog, or are on Facebook...you're tagged. Go forth and produce ten nuggets of Honest Scrap. Be gone.

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