I Did it Again

You know how I swore I'd never enter another contest where other writers help to critique your work in a public forum? If you don't know, well then, read this and you'll feel my pain.

However, despite my public declaration of "never again," I decided to damn my previous view and throw my hat into Miss Snark's First Victim's Secret Agent contest. I will be entry 19 when it is up and running tomorrow. You are cordially invited to check it out and let me know, either there or here, what you think.

Be honest. I can take it.

I'm certain my skin has thickened up nicely since my hissy fit, and I'll be able to take whatever the critique'rs have to throw at me. And hopefully get something meaningful out of it.

We'll see.

I do like the first 250 words of this particular book though. I like them a lot. Let's see how the blog world feels about them...

And that secret agent.

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