I went out to dinner recently with one girlfriend that I've known since 3rd grade (what up Carol?)

This past week I went out to dinner with three of my college girlfriends (Jen and Janice and Susan, who happens to be my cousin and past-dorm-roommate - lemme hear it for San-Der-Son, Woot! Woot!).

All of this socializing and espresso martini drinking got me thinking about time and how it flies by faster than a baseball whacked by Ryan Howard on a good day. I calculated how long I've known Carol and my brain came up with 32 years. Loooooong. I've known the WCU girls for 22 years. Loooooong.

Nothing beats a friend that knew you when you were a kid or teenager. Why? Because a childhood friend knew you when you didn't know anything about anything and still liked you. Heck, childhood friends help mold you into the adult you are today. Think about it. They were there during humongous 'first' moments like: first missed homework, first major embarrassment, first crush, first kiss, first love, first neighborhood hi-jinx. The stuff that makes us who we are. You can't beat that.

I found my 8th grade diary recently and brought it in to read some hilarious entries to my 6th grade students. It was a big hit. Here is a perfect example of firsts and how childhood friends see you through the silliness of growing up, and still like you...

December 21, 1980
Dear Diary,
Oh boy! Our "group" went out Christmas caroling tonight and then came back to my house for hot chocolate. We were frozen stiff. We sort of had a party and didn't it was great. David was here this time and it was number 3 kiss. I loved it even though he kissed me right in front of everybody else. I died! I made a General Hospital collage on cardboard it is nice. I danced slow with David once. I loved it! He is so cute. My mom even thinks so. My new song is Let me Be Your Agent. It is so good. My new word is "also". My mom danced for all of my friends. She is so good! She teaches me how to dance. I decided I want to be a dance teacher, a model and an opera star. I like opera a lot even though my friends think I'm really weird. I don't care! I just can't wait till Christmas I really hope I get the Idolmaker album and Empire Strikes Back dolls. Well.
(I intentionally called myself Kath. On purpose.)

You see? And Carol still calls me her friend.

Don't even get me started on the debauchery that ensued in my college days. Sweet mercy.

Well, I have another theory. My theory is, kids are not as judgemental, so a whole bunch of stuff flies with that would've totally been caught up in the adult filter of judgement. When I grew up, kids had a very, very, very wide open filter. With us, pre-worldy-kids, like in the 70's, stuff like boogie pickers and greasy hair were the only two things that ever got caught in my filter of judgement. If you weren't a boogie picker and your hair was clean, then you were a potential friend to me.

This is me (on the left) and Carol at our Soph Hop in 1983. She was a non-boogie-picker and had clean hair. She still holds true to those two wonderful qualities. Hence, our continuing, 32 year friendship. Simplicity is simply wonderful sometimes.

My college girls were there for much more adult-type fun (fun is a rather light word for the times we shared). It feels so good to be around friends you can completely be yourself with - no filter - no hangups - no judgement - nothing but laughter and memories.

No matter how much time passes. It doesn't change the friendship. 32 years. 22 years. Yep, still holding onto those deep friendships. Time-shmime.

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