Live Long and Prosper...Mothers (Star Trek RULED)

Happy Mother's Day to all present and future mothers. You know who you are. Today I've done two of my most favorite things:

1. Had breakfast made for me, by my husband and two sons.

2. Went to the movies. Saw a matinee showing of Star Trek. Holy wow. Holy big wow. Holy big mother of all that is good and holy, wow.

The movie consisted of incredible story telling (aka writing) insane special effects, spot-on acting, digital sound, a humongous screen, looks of utter amazement on my boys' faces (priceless). Being a rabid LOST fan, it was impossible not to notice the similarities. I can't say here without messing up some Star Trek plot points. But, JJ Abrams definitely sneezed his genius all over this movie, for sure.

Breakfast consisted of home made, organic, peanut butter pancakes, crispy bacon, freshly brewed coffee, whipped cream (for said pancakes), cards from boys and husband, hugs from boys and husband, laughter, more hugging and a tear in my eye.

I am one lucky mama.

It's been quite a day so far...

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