Contest. There's STILL Time to Enter

Thanks to all of my official entrants and new visitors. The whole thing makes me happy.

To all of you, I-really-wanted-to-enter-but-I-forgot-to-post-something-on-my-blog/twitter/facebook/myspace-and-crud-I-really-really-wanted-to-enter-that-contest-but-I-think-I-ran-out-of-time, people, well, it is your luckiest of days. You see, dear people, there is still time. Like a lot of time. This sucker doesn't even end till Monday, June 1 st at midnight. I'm talking a ton of hours left. I'm not gonna count them, but I know it's a lot.

Don't stress about your post either. It's simple, really. Be the best you you can be. Challenge yourself. Push your thinking a bit. Reach for the stars. Don't let anyone tell you no. Go for it. Push to the top. Reach way, way down, into your soul and pull ot out your soul and tell it to enter, in a really serious voice. The rainbow can be yours, just imagine it. Did I tell you I was a motivational speaker too, cuz I am.


Come on, you can do it. For real. Just enter.

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