Coldplay Interruption

I saw Coldplay last night and can't explain how magical the show was. It may have had something to do with how it all came to be. My cousin's husband had a very good connection with someone who owns superbox seats at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia. He texted my husband at 11:30 on Thurday night, inviting us to the concert. Friday was filled with me in a language arts workshop at the school I teach at, my older son was in camp all day till 5:00 and we needed to find an overnight sitter for our boys.

Yay Mom!!! My mom was able to have a last minute sleep-over with them and we were offically going to see VIP rockstars ourselves...private elevator up and the whole thing.

I've never seen a concert in a superbox and let me tell you - it is the way to go. The private bathroom is a definite are the sofas and granite topped bar. The view was incredible as well.

What a great interruption to my writing. I am on page 206 of book 2...

Coldplay really are an incredible band and their music sticks with me long after the songs end. They sang Politik - which is one of my favorite songs. Yay!

It was a ridiculously fun night.

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