And a new person emerges.

Well, blogging is a lot of fun. I'm kind of obsessed with it, I'll admit it. I check it like a maniac, oh, I don't know, maybe 20 times a day. Obsessed. The thought that someone would read what I'm writing is rather exciting - even if it's only my sisters, family and friends. So what, right? It's still exciting.

Alright, so I left off with me having the bizarro experience of writing that book. Let me try to explain what I mean by bizarro. I swear to you, once I got past the first page the book literally flew out of me. When I hit save on March 24th I was alread on page 151. I had never written 151 pages of anything, ever. Never ever. Right in the middle of writing my boys, Todd and I were flying down to see my in-laws in Florida, for Easter and I had a panic attack - how would I write?

Well, my husband - tech genius that he is - had me email my book to my yahoo email so I could open in on his laptop and use that to type and save - which is exactly what I did. No airport or flight delay could stop me. Oh no, no, no. I sat with his laptop on my lap and typed my little heart out.

I swear if someone took that laptop away or it broke or some monster decided to eat it off my lap, I'd have finished writing it by hand and if all of the paper and pens in the world were suddenly gone, I'd have gouged the story into blocks of wood or made my own stinkin' ink and paper. There was absolutely no way in hell I couldn't finish writing that book.

Crazy isn't it?

I know what you're thinking though...that's not so bizarre. Where's the bizarre part?

While I was vacationing with my gracious in-laws, who let me hole-up in their pool house for nearly 70% of the vacation, to finish writing, I began to feel different. Different sort of falls short but it is accurate. I felt physically different - my eyes actually saw things more clearly, literally - not that I had bad eyes or anything - I don't even wear contacts - BUT, my eyes saw colors brighter, I swear! I also had this insane sensation that everything that was happening, was supposed to be happening - like everything was aligned or something. I'm having trouble putting words to the feeling.

I swear to the heavens above I have never felt anything like that in my entire life. I know it was because I was using parts of my brain that had never had a reason to be used. I know it.

How's that for bizarre? Huh?

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