YA for NJ Charity Auction

When you get an email from David Levithan, you pay attention.

Said email arrived, and I paid attention. He sent out a rallying cry, on behalf of author, Kieran Viola. Kieran, a life-long native New Jersian, wanted to do something to help the NJ victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Behold her and her team's incredible efforts.

Click on the image to be taken directly to the ebay auction site.

The auction begins TONIGHT (11/30) AT 8 PM EST and runs until December 7, 2012. I do hope you take time to bid - there will be over 200 auctions to choose from. I am honored to participate in this charity auction. You can bid on a signed hardback of CRACKED!

All proceeds from the auction will be donated to THE COMMUNITY FOODBANK OF NEW JERSEY.

Spread the word. Let the world know this auction exists. I'll make your heart swell. Kindness Matters.

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