SCBWI Magazine...mangled

Picture this if you will. I pull up to the mailbox at the end of my driveway after a long, arduous day at work, pop it open, shuffle through the usual bills and pizza deals and what to my wondering eyes does appear but the beloved five letters...


Be still my heart. It was their magazine. Which I love to read cover to cover snuggled underneath my blankets. And this reading was going to have special/significant meaning to me, for it would've been my first reading as an agented writer. My heart fluttered. I smiled.
And then I pulled it out from underneath the catalog and this is what I found...
I quickly got over the mangled'ness of it and thought, oh well, I can still read the good stuff inside. At least it still had the inside -- even though it was completely removable. No biggie. I brought it into the house and put it on the stairs -- which is my own private resting place for things I plan to read that night. Night came and went and I grabbed my crinkled and decrepit magazine and headed up. I got all settled and comfy and read the outside back cover first. I smiled again. This was going to be good.

I opened it and found this:
And this!!!!The whole entire inside of the magazine was ripped out and stuffed with a cruel, cruel impostor...a fake, phony, a nothing!!! A Microsoft mailing.


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